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Embracing Robo IAs — Investment Advisors Building Businesses

Shrill headlines scream fear for roboadvisors, but independent financial professionals must embrace the Web.

We, the people of Advisor Products Inc., are launching a solution automating ongoing financial planning advice supervised by financial professionals — CFPs, CPAs, CIMAs, CPWAs, CFAs, ChFCs, CLUs, and EAs.

Using Your Apps As A Marketing Tool

Having a great client portal doesn’t only make your firm more efficient, it also helps you acquire new clients.

When financial advisors buy Client Portals from Advisor Products, they can post two videos to their websites, “Utilizing Our Firm’s Online Vault” and “Benefits Of Our Advisory Firm’s Client Portal System.”

The videos demonstrate the benefits of these advisor technology platforms to clients and prospects.

The videos are free for any financial advisor that purchases an Advisor Products website with AdvisorVault or Client Portals. Each video is branded with your firm’s logo and can be posted to any page of your website.

So prospects visiting your site see that your firm is using this advanced technology. In addition, clients are introduced to these systems in the videos, promoting their adoption.

Financial advisors utilizing AdvisorVault and Client Portals from Advisors Products are also provided with articles that explain the benefits of these systems. Advisors can publish the articles in an email or print newsletter, or on a website, helping your firm stand out from the competition.

AdvisorVault securely stores key client documents like wills, financial plans, insurance policies, tax returns, trust documents, and account statements using 256-bit encryption. Instead of emailing clients documents or storing paper copies in a filing cabinet—inherently insecure practices—advisors can provide clients with on-demand access 24/7 via a secure system.

Advisor Products Client Portals provide a secure personal website for each of your clients, serving as a central hub for managing client relationships. Portals integrate with almost all major financial advisor technology systems—portfolio management, financial planning, and CRM—and include AdvisorVault, a Calendar, a To-Do Manager for assigning clients tasks, and more.

For more information, see these two brief videos on Personal Client Portals and AdvisorVault.