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How AdvisorVault RoboIA Improves An Advisor’s Business

The vast majority of advisor websites are developed with little forethought and rarely vital to the business of a professional. But advisor websites can and should be the most important app in your practice! It is your interface with the outside world!

Your website should be a place where your clients can see their financial key performance indicators 24/7 at a glance from any device. More importantly, an advisor website should be where clients go to make plans to achieve their dreams. That’s what we provide.

AdvisorVault RoboIA is the new version of the client portal platform we first launched in September 2007. RoboIA adds a highly graphical client dashboard built on Microsoft SharePoint, and it’s integrated with many portfolio management, financial planning and CRM systems. It’s unique and no one else does what we’re doing.

With the integration with Redtail CRM this week, you can assign clients tasks and track them through completion. Want a client to set up a meeting? Want clients to upload their wills or personal emergency information? Assign it as a task. Using the Advisor Products integration with Constant Contact, you can follow up clients in batches with reminders until all or most clients complete assigned tasks. This is a new way to encourage good investor behavior and coach clients toward achieving their goals. It’s easy for you and clients and screams of the transparency clients yearn for.

Instead of fearing automation of the web, power your business with RoboIA.

Sign up for a 30-minute demo to see if AdvisorVault RoboIA can help you scale your business.

Embracing Robo IAs — Investment Advisors Building Businesses

Shrill headlines scream fear for roboadvisors, but independent financial professionals must embrace the Web.

We, the people of Advisor Products Inc., are launching a solution automating ongoing financial planning advice supervised by financial professionals — CFPs, CPAs, CIMAs, CPWAs, CFAs, ChFCs, CLUs, and EAs.

Financial Advisor Client Portal System Integrates With Redtail CRM

The Financial Advisor Communication System (FACS), a client portal for advisors, now integrates with Redtail CRM.

The integration of Redtail CRM for advisors with the Advisor Products client portal platform enables advisors to scale their businesses and provide better service to clients. When you assign clients tasks from Redtail, it triggers an email to the client telling him to log into his client portal.

In an advisory firm, tasks managed internally by members of your staff using CRM. Your CRM interface is intended for use by your staff and not with clients. This widget extends your CRM. It allows you and your staff to assign your clients tasks.

When you check off a box in Redtail to share an activity with the client’s portal, it automatically generates an email notification telling your client to sign into his portal. The task shows up in the My Tasks tab in the client’s personal portal. Tasks assigned to clients ideally represent steps in a comprehensive financial plan, and help clients achieve their goals.

Redtail is one of multiple apps advisors use to run their businesses integrated with the FACS client dashboard. The client dashboard gives your clients their financial key performance indicators at a glance. The financial planning widget, arguably the most important client KPI, shows clients whether they are on track to achieve their goals based on their financial plan.

While Redtail is the first CRM, it’s only the latest of many applications used by independent financial advisors to be integrated with the FACS client dashboard. Last month, the MoneyGuide Pro widget went live. It shows your clients their MoneyGuide Pro “confidence rating.” The portfolio performance widgets work with Advent, PortfolioCenter, AssetBook, and Albridge. This summer, Advisors Assistant plans to begin feeding CRM and performance data into the client dashboard.

You can actually run an email campaign in Constant Contact using an autoresponder to send several email reminders until most of your clients upload their wills, final instructions and other information.

The FACS client portal is built for use by investment advisor representatives and uniquely supports transparency. Your client portal is arguably the most important application is your practice. It’s the app clients see!

You client portal cannot be built by a company that makes your CRM, portfolio management or financial planning software.  These technology vendors are not experts at client communications and marketing. We are!

We have published application programming interfaces that let other professionals apps integrated with us and we intend to integrate with any apps that advisors need us to work with. If your vendor doesn’t want to integrate with us, think about finding a new vendor who will operate in your best interest by integrating with best-in-class apps.

If your firm is using advisorvault and wants to turn on the Redtail widget, please email and we will help you get set up.



New Marketing Campaign For Independent Advisors Takes on Wall Street

Here’s a one-minute clip from our new Video For Independent Advisers Who Are  Fiduciaries. It highlights key factors of your unique value proposition in four innovative ways:

  1. Personal Narration. Using a Web app we’ve developed, you narrate a FINRA-reviewed script we provide. The words are displayed slide by slide and you record using your computer microphone.
  2. Fritz Meyer Research.  The video reports on research independent economist Fritz Meyer, who has documented the track record of Wall Street’s top strategists from 2007 to 2014, as published in Barron’s annually in the venerable weekly’s “Outlook” cover story. According to Meyer, a former investment strategist at one of the world’s largest investment companies, any investor who followed the consensus advice of the Barron’s Wall Street strategists’ industry-sector picks annually would have performed disastrously relative to buying and holding the S&P 500.
  3. Fiduciary. The video explains the benefits of working with a fiduciary.
  4. Powerful Video. Economic research lends its to graphical display, and this video includes graphical cues inserted to make the information easy to understand. While you explain your fiduciary obligations, an aerial view pans New York Harbor at night for a 360s° close-up of the Statue of Liberty. While you narrate a script contrasting your practice with a Wall Street’s broker’s, viewers see the skeletal remains of the head of a bull amid the scorched earth of Death Valley, California.

For a fiduciary, this video voices a clear response to people who don’t know how you are different from Wall Street’s herds. This campaign breaks new ground in independent advisor marketing by making a professional video easy to personalize and distributing it utilizing Advisor Products’ email marketing integration with Constant Contact. It equalizes TV ads and media influence of Wall Street.

We’re accepting beta testers through March 11 at 12 noon ET. The cost is $400. To beta test it, please email us at

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