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We’re Boosting Advisor Email Campaign Open Rates By 100%

The integration of Advisor Products content with Constant Contact is boosting advisor email campaign open rates by nearly 100% over the average advisor’s open rate, according to data from users.

Advisor Products integrates Constant Contact’s email marketing tools and analytics into financial advisor websites, and the first users of the integrated app provided their email “key performance indicators,” which are tracked in Constant Contact.

Advisors using Advisor Products with Constant Contact are experiencing an open rate nearly double that of the average financial advisor using Contact Contact, as summarized below.


Constant Contact publishes email KPIs for 38 types of small businesses, including financial advisors.


Average advisor using Constant Contact has a 15.56% open rate. Our integrated app is getting nearly double that.


Email KPIs are universally accepted metrics of effectiveness of email marketing.  Email KPIs are a familiar concept to investment advisors because  they are akin to the benchmarks advisors use to measure investment performance and put it in proper context.

While I am pleased that Advisor Products content drives much higher email KPIs than the average advisor, Advisor Products is engaged in a long-term strategic effort to leverage Constant Contact to help financial professionals educate investors to market to them. As Constant Contact begins to coach users of advisor websites by Advisor Products about how to refine their contact list, and as Advisor Products aligns content  to optimize advisor’s outreach to clients and prospects, you can expect improvements on these very promising early figures.

Keep in mind, it’s all about content. Ideas do matter. Advisor Products content for UHNWIs is derived from presentations made by thought leaders at weekly continuing professional education webinars produced since 2008 by Advisors4Advisors.

Our content for UHNWIs is derived from presentations made by thought leaders at the Advisors4Advisors continuing professional education webinars.


Financial Advisor Communications System bundles Constant Contact’s unique abilities to engage you with Advisor Products unique abilities in content marketing.



View a six-minute video about the Advisor Products-Constant Contact integration.



After Working Together For Months, Constant Contact And Advisor Products Announce Strategic Partnership

In mid-February 2014, Tim McNamara, who heads sales at Constant Contact, the world leader in online marketing, called Steve Gordonson, a partner in Advisor Products. Since then, we’ve worked intensely with the leadership team at Constant Contact, including Alec Stern, the sole co-founder of Constant Contact still working at the company.  The partnership establishes a way for advisors to get email campaign open rates nearly 100% higher than the average financial advisor using Constant Contact.


Advisor Products turns professional education content from Advisors4Advisors into email newsletters, enabling optimal use of Constant Contact for list management and analytics.

Tim had spent five years in business development and operations at  Schwab and then 10 years as an advisor at UBS, Morgan Stanley and Wachovia.  He’s been an internet entrepreneur, having built the nation’s first online divorce platform. A year ago, Tim became the head of business development for North America and Latin America at Constant Contact.

Tim had been a reader of my column in advisor trade publications since the mid-1990s. During our first phone call, Tim said he had been a “raving fan” of mine for years. Tim had stumbled into Advisor Products integration with Constant Contact and was impressed. When he tracked down its source, he was thrilled to learn it was me.

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

The head of business development for the largest email marketing tools company on the planet understood what Advisor Products is doing to help financial professionals reach UHNWIs and he valued it. Tim showed it to Alec, who confirmed that Advisor Products’ integration with Constant Contact was as seamless as he had ever seen, and he said that our content struck exactly the right tone and message for engaging UHNWIs. These guys got it!



Since that first phone call in February, Advisor Products and Constant Contact have worked intensively together. On July 1, we signed a multi-year strategic partnership that is a big win for us both and, more importantly, a win for advisors.

Advisor Products has bundled Constant Contact into its advisor websites. Constant Contact comes with Financial Advisor Communications System.

The integrated system gives you the strengths and unique abilities of both companies: Constant Contact’s ability engages you, to make you use your email newsletter. Advisor Products unique abilities in creating content for UHNWIs derived from thought leadership continuing professional education about wealth management. The result is measured by comparing your email key performance Indicators versus the average advisor using Constant Contact.

Constant Contact coaches are calling Advisor Products clients to be sure you know about all of our exciting news and be sure you know how to use all the tools and analytics as well as the benefits of Advisor Products content marketing system for advisor websites. .

The joint press release makes it all official, but we are well on the way toward providing financial advisors a best-in-class content marketing system that includes a client portal integrated with the best apps used by advisors.


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