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AdvisorVault Desktop Connector In General Release

AdvisorVault Desktop Connector has moved to general release. Advisors and support staff at the 750 firms using AdvisorVault for secure client communications are invited to download the app.

Download AdvisorVault Desktop ConnectorTo download AdvisorVault Desktop Connector, log in to the AdvisorSitesBackOffice and click on the “Get Desktop Connector” button on the left-side navigation menu.  You’ll find the download link as well as an FAQ and an AVDC manual.

AdvisorVault Desktop Connector puts all of your client vaults on your desktop in a familiar Windows Explorer-style interface.  You no longer need to open a browser, log in to AdvisorVault, and browse to client folders to upload documents to a client’s vault, enhancing usability significantly.

AdvisorVault Desktop Connector is similar to desktop apps from web-based document storage apps like DropBox. The big difference is AdvisorVault is created exclusively for financial advisors. It is integrated with popular portfolio management systems used by advisors and contains communication features and workflows advisors need to support communication with clients and collaboration with accountants and attorneys. Plus, it meets security and compliance requirements of major broker-dealers and custodians.


4 Responses to “AdvisorVault Desktop Connector In General Release”

  1. February 28th, 2012 at 3:47 am

    barry korb says:

    Does Advisor vault provide for two way secure encrypted communication with clients? What is the cost for a small advisor with less than 25 clients? Does it replace the need for encryption software.
    Note. I do not do performance reporting.

  2. March 1st, 2012 at 7:27 pm

    agluck says:

    Questioning the specifics of the encryption is really smart.

    I’ve seen other client vault systems that market themselves by inferring full-time encryption, but only after asking specific questions did I learn that system’s database is not encrypted and only the passwords are encrypted–standards that would not be acceptable to a fiduciary. (I’m not making this stuff up and have written about it.)

    So let me be really clear about what we do with AdvisorVault.

    – When you upload documents to to clients vaults, it’s encrypted.
    – When you download documents, it’s encrypted.
    – When documents or data are stored, it’s encrypted.
    – It’s always 256-bit encryption.
    – Our staff cannot see your data because it’s encrypted.

    Also, all of the above applies to anyone that you enable to post documents to clients’ vaults — clients, attorneys and accountants you collaborate with.

    As far as cost: You can add AdvisorVault to any website for $1,000 a year. You get 2GB of space. RIAs with a couple thousand clients reporting daily have used 3 GB. So you have room to grow.

  3. March 22nd, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    Renee Michalak says:

    If I add the vault to my website, can my clients put all of their investments statements, bank statements, valuables, etc., in there? Can they see all of their accounts in one place?

  4. March 22nd, 2012 at 9:57 pm

    agluck says:

    Yes, client can upload documents to their vaults. You can also enable accountants and attorneys you work with view and upload client files and folders. The settings and controls are fairly advanced and the vault contains more functionality than any client vault I have seen that’s made for financial advice professionals.

    Clients can see performance reports on accounts, if you provide them performance reports. We have integrations with almost all of the major reporting systems and streamline batch uploading of reports for hundreds of RIAs.

    However, this is not account aggregation. The vault does not go out and collect data from all of the clients’ accounts like ByAllAccounts.

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