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Presentations About Investing By Economist Fritz Meyer

Financial economist Fritz Meyer, after 15 years as investment strategist at Invesco, recently left his post and launched his own firm to provide advisors with institutional-quality macro analysis at an affordable price. Advisor Products is distributing Meyer’s research.

A PowerPoint slide show for advisors to present at seminars, webinars, and client meetings is the first product of collaboration between Meyer and Advisor Products.

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The monthly scripted and editable 45-minute presentations contain dozens of tables and charts. The slides guide advisors through illustrated analysis of key economic issues and their effect on investment strategy.

Meyer’s research is targeted to advisors utilizing broadly diversified portfolios and Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT).

While most advisors adhere to the precepts of MPT, it’s difficult to produce a monthly presentation with the latest economic data and that concisely explains how fundamental trends affect a broadly diversified portfolio constructed for long-term investors.

Meyer’s research provides an advisory firm the benefits of a full-time investment strategist at a fraction of the cost.

Meyer is also blogging about the economy monthly on Advisors4Advisors.

Working with a great thinker of Fritz Meyer’s stature is an exciting partnership for Advisor Products. We’re having fun.

Meyer spoke at a webinar entitled, Modern Portfolio Theory Is Alive And Well.

Modern Portfolio Theory Is Alive And Well And Here’s How To Use It Right Now from Advisors4Advisors on Vimeo.

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