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Building Client Loyalty

We’ve made it very easy for you to remind clients why they need you.

All the tasks you’ve completed for a client over the past 12 months are now conspicuosuly displayed on each client’s home page.

This important new feature in the Advisor Products Client Portal is integrated with Redtail Technology’s CRM. So when you input an Activity in Redtail, it shows up automatically in a client’s portal.

With advisory firms under financial pressure because asset values have plunged in the past year, showing each client a list of tasks you’ve completed is a way of building loyalty. In light of the bear market and advisor Ponzi-scheme scandals, it is critical to regularly include this information in client communciations.

Many tasks advisory firms handle for clients go unnoticed or are quickly forgotten. Clients may not know when you’ve spent hours rebalancing their accounts, updating their financial plans, or researching a problem by speaking with their attorneys or accountants.

The Advisor Products Client Portal Platform—the only advisor system dedicated solely to advisor-client communcation—makes it easy for you to remind clients of all the work you’re doing for them. It also provides a plethora of other information designed to strengthen your relationships with clients.

Redtail costs $600 a year and portals for 100 clients costs $2,200 a year. Together, these two best-of-breed applications form the solid core of any advisory firm’s practice management system. And they’re each integrated with almost all of the leading PMS and financial planning applications used by advisors.

2 Responses to “Building Client Loyalty”

  1. September 2nd, 2009 at 5:33 pm

    Mark Stempel says:

    I currently use client portals and junxure as my crm. Any plans to create a link with Junxure so that I can display action items from junxure on my client portals?

  2. September 2nd, 2009 at 6:29 pm

    Andrew Gluck says:

    Great question, although it tests my diplomatic skills (or lack thereof).

    Junxure was the first CRM I ased to inegrate with us when we launched a beta test of the client portal platform two years ago.

    I contacted Greg Friedman at Junxure three times in 2007 and early 2008 and he declined to integrate with us.

    Please let Greg know if you’d like to see an integration between our client portal and Junxure.

    We are happy to integrate with all apps that make sense for advisors.

    We also integrated with XLR8, a version of Salesforce customized to advisory firms. We are now testing an integration with EZ Data’s SmartOffice that will be launched soon. We have also begun planning similar integration with eAssist.

    These integrations are deep, cutting expenses and increasing efficiency for advisory firms in ways never before possible.

    Our CRM integrations allow advisors to assign to dos to clients. In Redtail and SmartOffice, your clients can also assign your fim to dos.

    Plus, we added a way for advisors to automatically push tasks completed for each client into a client’s portal, making the advisor’s value proposition really clear to each client.

    We are now working on integrating our email newsletters with these CRM systems. For instance, an advisor can use SmartOffice to send and manage distribution of email newsletters using Advisor Products finncial articles. This allows for better tracking and distribution of all client newsletters.

    We’re also working now on integrating Redtail’s document imaging system (paperless office) so that when you save a document on Redtail’s virtual drive, you can also send it to our client vault.

    Again, we’re happy to integrate with any of the popular applications used by advisors and you can depend on us to always pursue the integrations that are in your best interest.

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