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Why You’ll Want To Read This Blog

Writing The Gluck Report in Financial Advisor Magazine, I get to research topics I’ve been covering in for most of my 25 years as a reporter—wealth management strategies, financial planning software, advisor marketing, and just about anything else involving advisors. But what’s frustrating is that I don’t get to write about my company. And that’s why I’m hoping you’re going to want to read this blog.

Advisor Products, which I founded in 1996, has been pretty damn innovative. In 1996, we offered the first client newsletter that allowed advisors to pick every story. In 2001, we launched the first email-newsletter marketing system targeted to advisors. Last year, we rolled out the first 12-page template brochure ever offered to financial advisors. But not enough advisors ever get to know about most of our innovative work.

Understandably, Financial Advisor Magazine’s editors feel awkward about giving me press. It looks like cronyism. What’s worse, other financial advisor magazines often don’t cover my company because I’m a columnist at a rival publication. Worse still, most of the writers in the field simply don’t get it or have an agenda.
So I’m writing this blog to tell you myself about the marketing products we offer financial advisors and explain the ideas driving them. For instance, we’re rolling out a blog-writing service. So I’m going to use this space to tell you about how you can write a blog to gain visibility on search engines and about advisors using the service successfully. You’re learn some of our secrets and be able to use our ideas without hiring us.

In addition to marketing, I’m also going to use this blog to write about ideas that don’t get into my column. While I’ll reserve my best ideas for The Gluck Report in Financial Advisor not everything I want to write about fits in the magazine, like my opinion of Schwab’s recent purchase of e-telligent, Fidelity’s deal last month with Advent Software, or the service at TD Ameritrade. Or maybe I’ll share with you little gems like the column I came across today in e-Week saying that Microsoft may already giving up on Vista. (Pity the poor schnooks who bought into the hype last year and bought this system.)

I am hoping you will ask me questions about my columns, like recent ones about how advisors can get more referrals or the one about the 36-year portfolio management software mogul who recently returned from retirement to start a new PMS company.
So welcome to The Andrew Gluck Blog!

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